Galos, Diana Roxana and Nevena Kulic. Variation of Gender Gaps in the Labour Market Outcomes of Graduates Across Fields of Study: A Combined Test of Two Theories. (accepted for publication in Sociology)

Galos, Diana Roxana and Susanne Strauss (2022). Why Do Women Opt for Gender-Atypical Fields of Study? The Increasing Role of Income Motivation Over Time. Higher Education.

Galos, Diana Roxana (2022). Privilege Travels: Migration and Labour Market Outcomes of Southern Italian Graduates. Genus: Journal of Population Sciences, 78(1): 1-21.

Manuscripts under "Revise and Resubmit"

Galos, Diana Roxana. Social Media and Hiring: An Online Experiment on Discrimination Based on Social Class.

Working Papers

Galos, Diana Roxana and Alexander Coppock. Gender Discrimination in Hiring: A Meta-Analysis of Field and Survey Experiments. (data collection towards the end, soon first draft available)

Galos, Diana Roxana. Does Disclosing Information on Social Networking Websites Affect Employers’ Hiring Decisions? A Field Experiment on Discrimination Based on Social Class in the United Kingdom.

- pre-analysis plan: (data collection ended in February 2022)

Galos, Diana Roxana. Elites Remain Elites: Social Background and Elite Higher Education Institutions in France.

- pre-analysis plan: (due submission but robustness checks required)

Galos, Diana Roxana, Susanne Strauss and Thomas Hinz. Gender Gap in Grades: the Role of Discrimination and Competition.

Bertogg, Ariane and Diana Galos. Double (Dis)advantage: Downward Intergenerational Transfers and the Role of Institutional Context.

Galos, Diana Roxana and Fabrizio Bernardi. Does Social Origin Still Matter? The Effect of Social Origin on Graduates' Occupations in Italy.

Galos, Diana Roxana and Kulic Nevena (2020). Occupational returns to the field of study: a gender perspective.  AlmaLaurea Working Papers no.78, May 2020, ISSN 2239-9453. 

Book Review

Galos, Diana Roxana (2016).  Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis by Robert D. Putnam,  Sociologica. Italian Journal of Sociology Online , 3/2016, doi: 10.2383/85819